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An Otaku Themed Swap-Meet

The Super Happy Fun Sell (SHFS) is a yard sale-flea market-garage sale type event held at AWA on Thursday night in Grand Panel by the Garden Court on the second floor of the Renaissance Waverly. The purpose of the SHFS is to give AWA attendees a chance to clean out their closets and pass on previously-enjoyed anime and manga merchandise to other fans.


What can I sell at the SHFS?

  • The SHFS is for post-consumer, previously owned anime/manga items only. This means manga, video games, toys, DVDs, model kits, books, cels, comic books, VHS tapes, record albums, professional cosplay items & props, and other used anime and manga memorabilia. Adult material (doujinshi, etc) is allowed, but must be sealed and you must verify that anyone seeking to purchase it is 18 years old.

Is there anything I cannot sell at the SHFS?

  • SHFS is only for used items. That means prohibited items include: “new” merchandise, food items (candy, snacks, drinks, etc), homemade crafts or costume items, metal weapons, blades, or any other dangerous weapons.
  • If it violates AWA’s Weapons Policy, don’t bring it to SHFS.
  • No bootleg merchandise is allowed (pirate or home-burned CDs or DVDs, etc). All merchandise must be visible for inspection – no grab bags or mystery boxes are allowed.
  • If you want to sell original crafts or artwork, please check out the Artist Alley for an appropriate venue to sell your works, and if you are a dealer retailing new merchandise, please do so in the Dealer’s Room.
  •  It’s unfair to other vendors if you sell these items, and if you are caught with them at your table (or otherwise violating the spirit of SHFS), your membership will be revoked, and you will need to vacate your table.

Can I sell stuff at SHFS without a table?

  • The sale of items in the SuperHappyFunSell is restricted to registered SHFS tables. You must have a SHFS table to sell merchandise.

When does setup start?

  • SHFS hours are Thursday TBD, set up begins TBD.
    • Please note: Attendees with accessibility issues will be allowed entrance to the SHFS at TBD.
  • You will need to purchase a table for the SHFS; tables are not free.
  • Please plan ahead to get your badge; consider pre-registering with our early start option, or coming to register at when registration opens. You will need a badge to setup your table.
  • You are welcome to invite friends to assist you with the setup and operation of your SHFS table, but they will also need their membership badges.

Anything else we should know?

  • AWA will not provide carts, hand trucks, change, tape, labels, pens, pencils or markers. AWA will NOT be providing electrical power connections OR any kind of Wi-Fi for this event. If you require an internet connection for credit card transactions, make arrangements with the Waverly or your wireless provider in advance.
  • Have fun at the SuperHappyFunSell and enjoy the rest of your AWA!

How do I register?

  • To reserve a SHFS table, you must be pre-registered for AWA as a single member or as part of a group, with a full weekend badge. SHFS tables are not available for dealers registrants.  If you are registering under any other badge type, please email us at
  • SHFS table availability begins JULY 1. Tables are $TBD. To purchase a table, please click the Register Now button below. The tables are located on the drop-down menu once you click the Register button on Eventeny.
  • Once you’ve registered for your SHFS table, you will get a confirmation email.  Please print the email out and have it with you for Thursday night set up.