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Itasha at Anime Weekend Atlanta

Die-hard fans come from across the country to display their itasha in Anime Weekend Atlanta’s Itasha Display. If you would like to join them, please submit the application at the bottom of this page!

While we do want everyone who is interested in displaying their car to get a space, we do not have unlimited space in the convention. Applications will go through a jury process to determine which vehicles are most appropriate for AWA and will be the best received at the convention. Since this application is not first come first served, we highly encourage taking the time to get the best photos of your vehicle for your application submission.

If your car, motorcycle, or other vehicle is accepted, you will receive a complimentary 4 day membership to AWA.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please email us at

What are we looking for?

While you could get bonus points by having a wrap of the objective best girl/boy, in general, we are looking for cars that fit the following general criteria. These are not hard and fast rules, so please submit your itasha even if you aren’t sure it meets all of the items listed below! (Hover over each guideline for a more detailed explanation).

Quality Wrap
Your wrap should look good in photos, with no visible tears or scratches
Quality Car
Your wrap should look good in photos, with no visible tears or scratches
Dedication to the Wrap
Did you go all in, or just add a handful of decals here and there? The harder you go, the more likely it is for you to impress the judges
Vehicle Type
Is your car an uncommon brand/model to have wrapped? Do you have an unusual vehicle that is wrapped? We accept all types of vehicles (space and accessibility permitting), and we do like a little strange.
Does your car have a theme? Whether it’s a character or franchise, your vehicle’s look should be cohesive and not just an assortment of random things.
We try to get a variety of cars and featured properties into the gallery. If there are a lot of submissions, a car with a more niche theme may be chosen rather than the 2nd or 3rd car from the same popular anime.

Rules for displayed cars

Please note that your car cannot be moved between the load in time on Thursday until load out on Sunday evening. Specific times will be provided closer to the show. All cars will be moved in at once, and be led out at once, so you’ll need to be available on Thursday and Sunday to move your car in and out of the exhibit hall.

In order to be displayed, your car must:

  • Be able to lock
  • Not have any leaks
  • Be in good condition

If your design is 18+, your car will need to be enclosed with pipe & drape. You may provide this, or AWA can rent it to you for $250.

If your car is accepted, you will receive information on how to claim your complimentary 4 day membership, as well as additional info regarding cardboard, fuel requirements, rules regarding batteries etc.

AWA is not responsible for any lost or damaged property. You are required to follow all rules and requirements for Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Please add to your email contacts to make sure you receive emails from us!

Applications for 2023 are currently open. If you have any questions, please email us!