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AWA Crew Makes the Con Go ‘Round

Anime Weekend Atlanta is the largest fan run anime convention in the Southeast and among the largest in North America! Every year, ordinary people come together to create an extraordinary experience. We build on one another’s strengths, passion, and dedication to offer an experience like no other. Southern hospitality and Japanese fandom combine to present a weekend you won’t soon forget. We hope you’ll consider joining our growing family. We don’t just offer resume building experience, warm feelings, and newfound friendships.

Perks of Joining our Crew

Besides awesome crew superpowers we can't talk about

Access to Volunteer Only Merchandise when available
Unique Crew Only Convention Shirt
Meeting Exclusive Raffles
Surprise Swag - ALL YEAR ROUND
Snackage all weekend + $15 deal for 3 hot meals
Admission to AWA’s Dead Dog Party
Monthly volunteer newsletters
Admission to AWA’s Summer Pool Party
Access to the Super-Spectacular-Not-So-Secret-Volunteers-Only-Exclusive Clubhouse!
Year-round Events for Volunteers by Volunteers – Not just our weekly movie nights!
Weekend Access to AWA with a wallet-friendly sign up cost - refundable $20 for new crew, free for returning crew

Crew Expectations

Be kind. Be cool. Be crew!

Help out for 14 hours during the convention. Once you hit 14, you qualify for next year’s crew. Anything past that is optional, but very appreciated.

You must be 16 or older (some departments require you to be 18+). If you are under 18, we’ll need a parental waiver too.

Attend at least one crew meeting per year, so you know what’s going on and can get info on customer service, money handling, first aid, etc.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! If at any point you aren’t having fun, let your (or another) director know, and we’ll find a way to fix it for you.

Crew Meetings

Please attend at least one Crew Meeting. Doing so helps prepare you for what to expect at con, as well as a chance to attend any mandatory or optional training sessions. Meetings are being determined for 2024 and more info is coming!

2024 Crew Application

Our Crew help to keep the Convention running smoothly throughout the weekend and we’re always looking to grow our Volunteer base. So, if you’re interested in a look behind the scenes, getting involved to make the convention better, or just looking for some like-minded otaku to befriend, join us!

Applications are now open!

Joining Crew: How to do the thing:

  1. Check your birthday! Volunteers must be at least 16 years or older by the first day of the convention. If you are 16 but not yet 18, you will need to submit a completed guardian waiver form.
    • Forms are included on the application and may be uploaded to it, emailed to, or submitted in person at any crew meeting or upon badge pickup.
  2. Attend a Crew Meeting
  3. Double check you can commit at least 14 hours of volunteering at the Convention.
  4. Complete the Crew Form (linked below) before November 1, 2024! By completing the Crew Form, you are signing and agreeing to the Volunteer Waiver and Release of Liability.
  5. If this is your first year, make sure you pay your $20 refundable deposit (cash only) before volunteering. If you can’t make your deposit, please talk to your Manager to make arrangements.
    • Deposits may be paid at one of the AWA meetings or upon badge pickup and must be in cash.
  6. Show up, put in your time, and get your deposit back as early as Saturday of the convention.