Voia is a music producer, songwriter, composer and virtual streamer from the United States, specializing in creating fresh and futuristic music and art. Active since 2013 with the score to the award-winning short film “Dragonfly,” Voia has gone on to perform for a wide array of events and festivals in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Their debut album “futuresong” (released through Attack the Music in Japan and the US) saw Voia push their abilities as not only a track producer but as a singer and songwriter to create a high-concept album about a ghostly android who wants to feel human again.

Following the album’s release, Voia would go on to contribute to multiple projects worldwide, including but not limited to producing singles for J-Pop idol groups YANAKIKU and Namakopuri, doing an official remix for Koda Kumi’s “ALL RIGHT,” as well as composing for games such as Groove Coaster, CrossXBeats, and the breakout indie game OMORI.

Since 2021, Voia has expanded their horizons into the digital world by starting the “VoiaIsOnline” VTuber project, bringing their android mascot to life and performing on digital festivals on Twitch and in VRChat.

Now, Voia continues to create music and multimedia projects to continue to connect the physical and virtual live experience, to bridge the gap between cultures and language, and to keep learning about what it means to be human.