Miura Ayme started his music career as ‘Miura Ayme’ in 2018. Writing and composing all songs by himself, he is well known as not only a musician but also as a voice actor, cosplayer, actor, and a mystery game writer.

Gaining more than 62,000 followers on Twitter and 78,000 followers on Instagram, many fans from all over the world pay attention to Ayme.

Expanding activities to the world, he has appeared in HYPER JAPAN in UK and JAPANICON in Poland in 2017, as well as JAPAN EXPO in France and Crazy Friday in Taiwan in 2018. In 2019 Ayme appeared in Anime Expo as the official cosplayer for ‘Obey Me!’ from ‘Shall We Date?’, which is the #1 otome game series in the US. Ayme is involved in the series as a voice actor for ‘Asmodeus’, and ‘Sinful Indulgence’ by Miura Ayme is tied-in as the theme song of the series. He returned again as a guest at Anime Expo in 2022.

Miura Ayme also streams regularly as a VTuber on his YouTube channel.