Katelyn Barr

Katelyn Barr has been working in anime and video games since 2013. Her professional career began with Liliana in Log Horizon and has spanned a wide variety of popular series ever since. Currently, Katelyn is best known as the voice of Himeno in Chainsaw Man, Ryuko “Ryukyu” Tatsuma in My Hero Academia, Yami/Golden Darkness and Tearju Lunatique in To Love Ru, Baby 5 in One Piece, and Nikki Hanada in Dr. Stone. Some personal favorite roles of hers are Anna Yamada (The Dangers in My Heart), Rim (The Dungeon of Black Company), Shoukaku (Azur Lane), Ren Soma (Fruits Basket), Natsumi (Date-A-Live), and Shiori Goshiki (A Galaxy Next Door).

In video games, she can be heard as Niyon from the Granblue Fantasy x Shadowverse universe, Sylma in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Melinda and various others in Borderlands 3, and several unlockable skins in SMITE.

Katelyn currently resides in Dallas, TX where she records projects from her home studio, plays drums, and collects Halloween décor.