Gabihime is a light novel author, professional illustrator, and the one girl band behind cutepunk fashion brand Devilish Angel.  Due to her aversion to light, she generally spends most of her time sitting in the dark and drawing pretty girls.  Her major light novel series is A Lovesong of Rooks, a gothic horror romance magical girl story, which is slated to enter the J Novel Club/Bookwalker Talent Search. You can also check out her work on pixiv and Instagram.

Devilish Angel

Devilish Angel is a casual cutepunk fashion brand at the intersection of 2D art and Japanese inspired alternative street fashion.  Designer Gabihime has battled with health problems most of her life, and has sometimes had to make the difficult choice between the clothes she loves, and the clothes that are easiest to wear when dealing with daily health problems.  Devilish Angel is meant to be worn every day, by everyone who wants to wear it, but special consideration was given toward producing clothing that can be worn to hospitals, and to do infusion, chemotherapy, and dialysis treatments.  Because what’s more awesome than cute clothes?  Cute clothes that are comfortable enough to sleep in.

Fashion is an exciting way to explore different visions of yourself, and with that in mind, Devilish Angel produces looks inspired by a wide range of alternative street fashions.  Whether you’re super sweet and love and breathe kawaii, you’re cool and edgy and like to rock chains and harnesses, you’re a pop cutie who brings the rainbow every day, or you’re gorgeous and elegant, Devilish Angel has a look for you.  Don’t be afraid to show your own personal style.  Everyone can be a Devilish Angel.