Chika Anzai

Chika Anzai is a Japanese voice actress from Fukui.  She debuted in 2009 in the anime Animal Detective Kiruminzoo.  Since then, she has played a variety of beloved roles including Merry in Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions, Chaika Trabant in Chaika -The Coffin Princess-, Suzu in Akuma no Riddle, Hanabi Yasuraoka in Scum’s Wish, Chisa Kotegawa in Grand Blue and Reina Kousaka in Hibike! Euphonium as well as many others.

She has also branched out into games and live-action dubbing, including roles such as Misaki Aoba in iDOLM@STER Million Live! Theater Days, Shitori in  Granblue Fantasy, Chise Asukagawa in Azur Lane, Pozyomka in Arknights, and many others.

Recently, she played the character of Chisato Nishikigi in the 2022 anime Lycoris Recoil, who was ranked the “Most Popular Female Character of Summer 2022” by several online polls.  For her role as Chisato, she also was one of the recipients of the Best Lead Actor Award at the 2023 Seiyuu Awards.

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