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COVID-19 Status Update – Hotel Block Open Date POSTPONED

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We know the world has changed pretty drastically in the last few weeks, and we all have questions about the future. Our crystal ball just keeps saying “ask again later” and we are pretty sure Zoltan hasn’t washed his hands in a while so we don’t have answers yet either. We are hoping everyone will do their part to stomp the curve and help make it safe for us to gather in October.

We are still planning for AWA (and now we have a little extra time to put together some REALLY cool plans) to happen over Halloween weekend.

That said, we did plan to have hotel blocks open in April, but with many hotels doing their part to help by closing and sending staff home, we have to move the opening of the hotel blocks to June. If you received a notification via email, fb messenger, or in the AWA groups, you will receive an update via the same channel (in addition to the posts on FB/Twitter/IG) when we know what the new dates are. If you would like to be updated via email, we have put up a fresh form at to request an email update. We would also like to add that in the event we have to cancel or postpone due to COVID-19, all no-refund policies for hotel deposits will be waived.

We’ll get through this together. Keep your chin up, make time for self care, reach out to your friends and don’t feel bad about chopping down trees in Animal Crossing for those sweet sweet crafting materials and bells.

Hotel Blocks Opening for AWA 2019

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The moment you’ve been waiting for is HERE! Special Rates for AWA have been finalized, the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed! You will be able to book your room on March 5th at 10am. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

Since demand for the Waverly is always so high, we will be doing something a little different for that hotel. There will be two separate buttons when you visit the hotel page on the AWA website. One link will handle Waverly reservations only, and the other will handle booking for all of the other hotels.

For those of you who plan on staying for the full weekend, a portion of the room block (120 rooms) will be opening a day early for people staying Thursday – Monday. Starting at 8am on March 4th, you can reserve a 4 night stay at the Waverly during the AWA weekend. Due to the overall demand for the rooms, these reservations will need to be pre-paid in full upon booking and are non-refundable. The remaining rooms at the Waverly will be available for booking on the 5th at 8am (so you don’t have to choose which link you want to click first). If you are booking for the Waverly at that time, you must book a minimum of 2 nights, but no deposit is required at that time.

Attached to this post is a listing of the hotels offering special AWA rates, and includes their rates, cancellation deadlines, whether or not a deposit is required, and if/when a shuttle will be running to ferry you back and forth to to the convention center. Most hotels offer standard rates across all their rooms with the exceptions of the Embassy Suites ($129 for standard room with a king bed, $174 for a suite with king bed, and $204 for a suite with two queen beds), and the Sheraton Suites ($170 for singles, $175 for doubles, $180 for triples and $185 for quads).

We will post more details on the links/system to book in the next couple weeks.

Haikara-San Here Comes Miss Modern Ticket Give Away

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ELEVEN ARTS and AWA is giving away two tickets for you and a friend to go see Haikara-San when it comes to theaters next month!
To enter, make sure you have liked the AWA page on SM, and fill out the linked form below by June 2nd at 6pm. We will not use your data for anything other than selecting a winner for the giveaway, so never fear!

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Booking your hotel for AWA 2018

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For 2018, Anime Weekend Atlanta is using a new hotel booking system through Connections Housing. No more will you have to sit on the Renaissance’s website constantly refreshing until 8am! No longer will you have to flip through all of the hotel offerings searching for an open space – our new system does all of that for you!

What you need to know about booking your AWA 2018 hotel:

The Hotel booking system will open Feb 5th, 2018 9am EST.

  1. You can book online using our handy dandy link that will be posted at, or by calling 404-842-0000
  2. Please do not call the hotel of your choice before, during or after your booking. They will not have records of it. You will be able to manage your booking at or by calling Connections Housing at: 404-842-0000
  3. You will not be able to go around this system to book at the Renaissance, Embassy Suites, or Sheraton. Your reservation may be erased if you attempt to book directly through the hotel.
  4. You will need a credit card valid through September 2018 to book, or you must call404-842-0000 to book.
  5. There are a limited amount of doubles at each hotel and they will be assigned in order of booking time NOT when you check in.
  6.  You can only reserve 2 rooms in your name to start, but the second room must be changed to another name within 2 weeks or the second reservation will be cancelled. Anyone with more than one room in their name after 2 weeks will have the second cancelled without warning or email.
  7. The Renaissance will not charge a deposit. You will be charged a cancellation fee after September 1st if you must cancel your reservation.
  8. Cancellation policy and deposits for other hotels will be posted on the site before it goes up.
  9. Please do not open the booking page in multiple tabs.
  10. Parking at the Renaissance and Galleria will be $5 for each time you go in and out, so please plan accordingly.

Hotel Booking Walk-Through

Step 1

To start, click the dropdown arrow next to the “Make Your Selection” box, and click “Attendee. You will automatically be taken to the next page.

Step 2

Input your hotel stay information.

  • Arrow 1: Check-in date
  • Arrow 2: Check-out date
  • Arrow 3: Number of rooms you are looking for. Please note, you can reserve 2 rooms in your name to start, but the name on the second room must be changed to another name within 2 weeks or the second reservation will be cancelled. Anyone with more than one room in their name after 2 weeks will have the second cancelled without warning or email. So don’t try to cheat!
  • Arrow 4: Number of guests per room. Numbers input above 4 will limit the number of hotels that show up as an option to you (for instance, the Renaissance only allows 4 guests per room).

When you’ve filled out your selection to your satisfaction click next (marked by arrow 5)

Step 3

This page shows you the hotel options that match the criteria you have previously input. From here, you can further filter out the results based on amenities (example pictured below) or just choose the hotel you want and continue in the booking process.

Step 4

You can now choose your room type. The Renaissance only has a limited number of doubles available. These doubles will be assigned in order of booking time NOT when you check in.

Step 5

Confirm you have selected the right number of days for your stay. At this point if you’ve marked something incorrectly, you can add or subtract days from your reservation. Press “Next” to continue in the process.

Step 6

Fill in your personal information when prompted. Your payment information will be requested on the final page for booking.