YUC’e writes, composes, arranges, mixes, and sings her own music. She started performing under the name YUC’e in 2015 and is mainly active in Tokyo for live events.

In 2017, YUC’e performed in the US in Chicago and in Los Angeles. Later that year, she self-published and released her first album. The album’s title track “Future Cαke” ranked #1 for 11 consecutive days on Spotify’s Viral Chart.

Recently, YUC’e has created remixes for the “Bakemonogatari” and “Aikatsu!” anime series and for popular artists m-flo and Dean Fujioka. In addition, her music was featured on rhythm games like KONAMI’s “beatmania IIDX” and SEGA’s “CHUNITHM”.

In July of 2018, YUC’e performed at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles with m-flo. She continues to produce her own music while broadening her world view through new experiences.

Twitter: @yuce_e