To qualify to purchase the Photopass badge you will need to apply via this form. Only vetted and approved photographers will qualify for the badge. Once you are approved, the photopass will be $110.

Photopass Memberships include:

  • 4 Day admission to the convention
  • The ability to charge for photoshoots at the convention
  • The ability to post once per week in the AWA Facebook group with rates, availability and links to your page
  • Listing on the AWA website as an approved photographer with a link to your site
  • Access to a standard booking form that includes all the necessary documentation for shared rights to the photos as well as information shared between the photographer and the cosplayer.
  • Exclusive Badge denoting you as a Photopass Photographer

Qualifications and Rules

  • Photopass Memberships are limited to 100 people
  • All photographers who apply to be a photopass photographer will need to provide a link to a portfolio and will be vetted, similar to vendors & artists
  • Photopass Memberships are non-transferable
  • Photopass Memberships do not give you any special photography access. You must adhere to signs/instructions indicating no photography is allowed, and stay in public spaces (i.e you are not permitted backstage, press pit access, or other areas of the con you would not normally be able to access.
  • Photo equipment/lighting cannot impede the flow of traffic or be disruptive/intrusive. (I.e. hand-held light kits are fine, but do not set up a backdrop and softboxes)
  • You must have a Photopass Membership in order to charge for photography services. Unapproved persons providing paid photography services (or any other goods or services) during the convention at the venue without the approval of AWA may be asked to forfeit their badge and leave the convention.
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

Photographers, if you want to be one of our Photopass holders, click the link below to fill out an application! If selected, you will be sent a contract and information about how to upgrade your membership if you have already purchased one for 2019, or information how to buy your new Photopass membership!