Welcome clubs, cons, and groups!

Club Tables are tables in the main concourse, outside the Dealer’s Room and Main Events hallĀ for groups, clubs, organizations, and even other conventions to advertise at during Anime Weekend Atlanta. Groups with club tables will be permitted to hand out fliers, and talk to attendees about their organization.

To apply for a table, please read through the FAQs and submit an application before October 13, 2019. We have limited spaces, so please submit your form as early as possible.


Will I receive badges with my Club Table?

  • Reserving a Club Table does not include badges; you will need to buy a badge for each person working the table.

I want internet/power for my table, how can I get it?

  • Power and Internet are available through the Galleria and are not free. We will have information on obtaining these for your table at the show.

Can I have videos/radio/music playing at my table?

  • Any sound devices at your table must be kept at a low volume.

Are there any special requirements for having a table?

  • Tables must be manned during the convention between:
    • Friday 4 pm – 8pm
    • Sat 11am – 6pm
    • Sun 11am – 2pm
  • If your table is not staffed during the above times, your table may be given to another group and you will not be eligible for a club table in future years.
  • Please do not move or swap your assigned table. Tables are assigned in the order they are requested.
  • Tables are for passing out information about your organization. Selling items/services is prohibited. No money may exchange hands at your table, including accepting donations or lotteries. However, you are welcome to give away items.
  • The Club tables are in a very high traffic area. Please make sure your table/display is not causing an unreasonable obstruction to smooth traffic flow. If your display becomes an obstruction to traffic, you will be asked to tone down your display.

I have this wicked cool display for my table- are there any requirements on displays?

  • Any display must be free-standing. Nothing may be stuck/hung from the walls, floor, or ceiling.
  • AWA is a family-friendly convention so your display, flyers, handouts, etc. must be too.

If you have any questions, please email us at clubtables@awa-con.com