Anime Weekend Atlanta is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. As such, we ask you to remember that boundaries and comfort levels vary from person to person.

Harassment is generally defined as unwanted behavior that creates an intimidating, offensive, and/or hostile environment for the person being targeted. It can be physical or psychological. If someone tells you that your comments or behavior are unwelcome, you need to stop immediately. If that person tells you to leave them alone, you need to cease contact. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think your behavior was harassing; harassment is defined by the victim.

  • Do not assume that a behavior you would find acceptable is therefore acceptable to another person.
  • It is each individual’s responsibility to obtain definitive consent from another person for anything that involves that person. The absence of expressed consent must be treated as refusal.
  • It is likewise every individual’s right to dictate their own boundaries and be respected.
  • AWA will not tolerate harassment, and reserves the right to revoke badge privileges and remove from the premises anyone found to be contributing to an unsafe or hostile convention environment.
  • If you feel that you are unsafe or being harassed, please approach any member of crew for assistance in finding a Public Safety team member or Cobb County police officer. Your safety and comfort are a top priority.
  • During the convention, if you feel unsafe and cannot get to a crew member or prefer not to, you can call our Department of Public Safety Dispatch at 678-653-3019 anytime starting at 12pm on Thursday of the con. This hotline is staffed for 24 hours during the convention.
  • You can also contact our department of public safety at throughout the year. All reports will receive responses within 48 hours of receipt.