Do you want to play a game?

The Analog Gaming Department is here to provide attendees an inclusive place to learn new games, meet new people and spend time recharging between exploring all the wonderful things Anime Weekend Atlanta as to offer. We have a wide variety of games to match any interests, play styles and time constraints you may have during the show. Our friendly staff is ready to help you learn any games we have in stock as well as help you chose games based on your interests. You have a chance to win prizes by participating in many of the fun activities and tournaments we host throughout the weekend.

Gaming Rooms

  • CGC 113-114 will be the main Table Top Gaming room [see below for our Game Library]
  • CGC 115-116 will be the Collectible Card Game area, for events such as Magic and Yu-gi-oh
  • CGC 117 will be the Role Playing Game room, for events such as Dungeons & Dragons, Big Eyes Small Mouth, and other RPG systems
  • CGC 118 will be the Social Gaming room, for events such as Are you a Werewolf, Two Rooms & A Boom, and other social-themed games.
  • CGC 119 [*New*] will be the RPG Showcase room, which will include a 30+ player Dungeons & Dragons game.
  • Waverly Hotel, Grand Panel 1 will have Graveyard Gaming for our super-late-night gaming enthusiasts