Starlight Idol Festival

Idols have become a widespread hobby among anime, K-pop, and Japanese culture fans increasingly in the past few years all across the world. Anime Weekend Atlanta brings you an out of this world event to showcase many talented idols and dancers from Atlanta and beyond! Let’s enjoy idols and continue to help inspire and grow as dancers, singers, and Japanese culture enthusiast in this galaxy and the next!

Applications for the Starlight Idol Festival in 2020 will be open soon! Please check back for the application. If you have any questions or comments, please email

2019 Performers


STARMARIE is a five-member girl band formed in 2008. Their songs and choreography express fantasy tales of life and death.
The girls invite spectators into their mysterious fantasy world with their various songs consisting of unique titles and story-like lyrics, fierce-yet-delicate choreographies and expressions, and theatrical stage presence.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is an explosive new idol group based in NC!
Our passionate dancers strive to give you a fierce performance in all things k-pop, j-pop, and idol.


Danzoo→Dash is an Atlanta-local animal-themed idol cover group with a love of odottemita and idols. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of dancers, idol fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts while having fun with our own passions!
Consisting of 8 members, come mix your heart out at our energetic performance and watch us grow! We’re looking forward to meeting all of our great zookeepers!

Triad Regality

Triad Regality is a cosplay dance group from North Florida. They aim to bring the male idol genre to the stage with a unique mature style and high-caliber dances. Triad focuses mostly on performing as the idol group TRIGGER (from the series IDOLiSH7) while also branching out to other series and side projects. They look forward to their first out-of-state live and bringing TRIGGER’s regal aura to the stage.


EIRA is a solo idol from the UK performing outside of her home country for the first time at SIF. EIRA debuted as an idol in 2015 and as a soloist in 2017, and now performs solo at conventions all over the UK alongside working on her self-produced original music.
With her bright J-fashion style and high energy dance, EIRA is hoping to make you want to get up and move with her performance!

Peachy Parade

Peachy Parade is a dynamic idol group based in Atlanta, GA!
Formed in 2015, originally as an odorite duo, the group has since grown to a 7 member parade that tailors their performance to each new audience. Whether headlining their own shows, backup dancing for performers such as Bless 4, Teddyloid, and Daoko, or collaborating with other like-minded overseas idols, their dream is to spread idol culture across the US and inspire others to work hard and follow their ambitions!

Jenni Bon

Jenni Bon is a part time magical girl here to make your heart smile! Made up of sugar twice, and everything nice, she’s bound to make you fall in love with her sweet magic! Jenni Bon is a newcomer to the idol scene from Pittsburgh, and is best known as a cosplayer and member of the dance group DTP. With a background in acting, she enjoys taking part of various different creative outlets both on and off the stage.

She believes it’s important to find happiness from the simple things and loves ice cream, penguins, and kitties!

Jenni Bon’s special mission is to send you the magic of a smile so you can share its spell with everyone each and every day!


Brimming with energy, Julily (aka Juliane Infantino) is an American J-Pop Idol; born and raised in NYC. Her mission is to emulate the atmosphere that J-Pop Idols bring to their audience – local or far away. With over 6 years of experience, Julily has established herself as a soloist, spreading Idol Culture throughout America as the founder of the Overseas Idol Collection network and performing cross country at events like “Texas Idol Festival” and “Kira Kira Pop”. She hopes that the J-Pop Idol Community can flourish into something more widely accepted and appreciated!

Kuma Kuma Maid Cafe

The Kuma Kuma Maid Cafe caters to Anime Weekend Atlanta attendees by providing fun-filled sessions of desserts, games, and entertainment while being served by friendly maids and butlers in a relaxing atmosphere. Our purpose is to provide a memorable convention experience at Anime Weekend Atlanta where patrons can relax and socialize with others, play games with our kawaii maids and butlers, and reset before exploring the convention again! We are excited to perform at this year’s Starlight Idol Festival and can’t wait to see you at the Cafe!


Morning Sunrise

Good morning, sunshines!!! Morning Sunrise is an independent performance group based in Florida, USA. Nicknamed “Mosuri”, the group is made of unique, fun-loving members who have harnessed the powers of sun, song, and dance!
Their goal as a group is to spread to others the shining joy that J-pop and anisongs have brought to them. Join Mosuri on their over-the-top, high energy journey towards their ultimate goal!


She’s a bit sad and creepy, isn’t she?
A former “idol” since the age of ten, now trapped in a world created by the mess and trauma of growing up as an “idol”, exploiting herself at a young age. She continues to sing her heart out, for it’s all she knows. The extreme parts of her heart, she will show you them all.
Melancholiaah! is a vocalist who has participated in works by EDM and Dubcore artists Akira Complex, Camellia, Hommarju and ZOVI and can be heard on the latest Beatmania arcade game, Beatmania IIDK 25 CANNON BALLERS. Following her first single release from December 2018, her new concept EP titled “Sekai no Owari de Aimashou/Let’s meet at the End of the World” will be releasing October 2019.
Her goal is to create a feeling of love and acceptance with each other, and most of all, oneself with her performances. With an unforgettable performance full of raw emotion, she hopes to connect with everyone through voice.