Starlight Idol Festival

Idols have become a widespread hobby among anime, K-pop, and Japanese culture fans increasingly in the past few years all across the world. Anime Weekend Atlanta brings you an out of this world event to showcase many talented idols and dancers from Atlanta and beyond! Let’s enjoy idols and continue to help inspire and grow as dancers, singers, and Japanese culture enthusiast in this galaxy and the next!

2018 AWA Starlight Idol Performers

Kuma Kuma Maid Cafe

Georgia, USA

Anime Weekend Atlanta’s Kuma Kuma Maid Cafe presents the amazing entertainment maids to dance some moe moe kyun into your heart! Enjoy a preview of some of the dances that will be performed at the cafe on Saturday! We hope you all enjoy, Goshujinsama! Ojousama!


Georgia, USA

Danzoo→Dash is an Atlanta local animal-themed idol cover group with a love of odottemita and idols. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of dancers, idol fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts while having fun with our own passions! Consisting of 8 members, come mix your heart out at our energetic performance and watch us grow! We’re looking forward to meeting all of our zookeepers!

Milky Kitty

Texas, USA

Milky Kitty is an odottemita, cosplaying idol from San Antonio, TX. Also known as “The CosIdol You Can Meet!”, the Texas native is ready to bring a slice of authentic idol and cosplay culture to you! Through her cosplay and idol performances, she hopes to spread accurate information and representation of Japanese idol culture to the anime convention scene and beyond. Join her on the adventure of a lifetime as she makes her dreams a reality for herself and the idol community she loves dearly!
Photo credit: Zero Serenity Photography

Tambourine Idols

Florida, USA

New to the stage, it’s Tambourine Idols: an aspiring idol duo based out of Florida entertaining the world with their dancing, singing, and MC abilities. Poppy and Kazu are life long performers with a passion for the stage. Tambourine always aims to embrace their personal “timbre”! These idols celebrate uniqueness and aren’t afraid to put their own personal twist on the idol scene.

Galaxy Girl Paida

Texas, USA

Meet GalaxyGirl Paida 銀河ガールパイダ from Space City~ Paida began as a net idol in 2014. Since that time, she has been performing live around the US at many events. Bridging America and Japan, she engages the people of Earth with an out of this world performance. She hopes to continue her career so she can embrace her unique music style and spread it to the edges of the cosmos! Please show your support so she can ~rocket~ to the top of her potential!

Alex Pinku

Arizona, USA

Alex Pinku is a dancer that has been doing odottemita and J-pop on YouTube for almost 8 years, but now she is making her singing debut! Originally an East Coat native, she currently is coming to you from the deserts of Arizona excited to perform for you. Well, to get technical, she may or may not be from another planet. Who knows?! Alex dreams of being a music artist inspired by the genuine passion and heart of her favorite J-pop artists and idols. With original music already in the pipeline, her dream is on it’s way to coming true. Though she’s danced on stages before, this will be her solo debut stage, so don’t forget to make your light sticks light pink to show her your support! See you soon!



The girls invite spectators into their mysterious fantasy world with their various songs consisting of unique titles and story-like lyrics, fierce-yet-delicate choreographies and expressions, and theatrical stage presence.
Their song “Natsu ni nare!” was selected as the ending theme of the anime “Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT” (TV Tokyo). Previously, their song “Hime wa Rankiryuu☆Goikkou-sama” was used as the opening theme of the anime “Onigiri” ( TOKYO MX, BS Fuji), in which two of the members also made their debut as voice actresses. Furthermore, “Mekurumeku Yuuki!” serves as the ending theme of “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” (TV Tokyo).