Ippudo Sheh is very excited to be attending his very first anime convention. And by excited he means a little scared. Ippudo is a little scared of everything, due to a rough childhood of living on the streets. He actually doesn’t remember much of his past because it was so traumatic. But now he has a great life with his adoptive mommy Stephanie Sheh. And his wannabe adoptive daddy Michael. Although he’s not really his daddy, he’s just the only human male that Ippudo loves.

Ippudo also loves hiking, chewing on sticks, and horse poo. He is not a fan of cats or coyotes. He cosplays sometimes, but he doesn’t really like it. Ippudo likes people it just takes him a long time to get used to people so please be patient with him. Ippudo has a very loud and howly type of bark which he uses to warn his mom of strangers or their roommate Marty.

Ippudo is a ladies pup. He prefers the females of every species. He and his first love ex-girlfriend Penny (whose mom is cosplayer Meg Turney) had to break up because they moved out of state. His next girlfriend Lady Chestnut (whose mom is voice actress Erin Fitzgerald) tried to make things work but ultimately the commute to the westside was top far. Now he has settled in with his live-in girlfriend Piper. They enjoy licking each other in the face, begging for food in tandem, and Ippudo likes peeing over Piper’s pee, or on top of her poop. Yeah, it’s fun. Please come say hi to Ippudo. Just approach slowly to see how shy he is being. Woof.