Chris Niosi is a creator, animation artist and voice actor from New York, currently living in Los Angeles! In the Anime world, you might know his voice from Mob Psycho 100 as “Reigen”, Sailor Moon Super S as “Pegasus”, the Godzilla Netflix films as “Haruo”, various characters in the Pokemon & Gundam franchises and on Cartoon Network during Hunter X Hunter as “Shaiapouf”! Also on Cartoon Network, he plays a multitude of characters on OK K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes! and in video games you’d know him as “Dezel” in Tales of Zestiria, “Therion” in Octopath Traveler and “Void Dark” in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. When he’s not doing voice recording, Chris works as an independent animation artist, known back in the day for his parody cartoons on sites like Newgrounds, but better known today for his webseries TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, which is now being made into a video game! It’s his first time at AWA and he can’t wait to meet the fine folks of Atlanta attending the con!