Crew FAQs

What is expected of AWA Crew?

Crew members are required to work a minimum of 14 hours throughout the course of the Convention. Each Department has different goals and requirements for their Crew. For more information, check out our Departments & Descriptions page.

What is required of new crew members?

  • First year Volunteers are required to pay a $20 refundable cash deposit before they can receive their badge.
  • Put in 14 hours and get your deposit back as early as Saturday of the Convention.
  • If you can’t make your deposit, please talk to your Director to make arrangements.

What do I get for volunteering?

  • Warm fuzzies from creating a wonderful experience for guests and attendees!
  • Exclusive behind the scenes look of the largest anime convention in the Southeast!
  • Hanging out with the best people ever!
  • Access to cool parties and events!
  • No badge deposit for the next year you volunteer once you meet the 14-hour requirement!
  • Everything mentioned on our crew information page!

How many hours are we required to volunteer?

  • A minimum of 14 hours are required in order to qualify for a free crew badge for the following year. After that, it’s up to you how much more time you want to put in.
  • Some departments have higher requirements than the convention standard. Make sure you can make the hours before committing to a department.

Is there an age requirement?

  • Yes! Volunteers must be at least 16 years old on the first day (Thursday) of the Convention. Anyone under the age of 18 must submit a competed Guardian Waiver before they can volunteer.
  • Some Departments have higher age requirements, but 16 is the minimum age to sign up.

If I turn 18 before the Convention, do I still need to submit a Guardian Waiver?

  • Nope! As long as your 18th birthday is before the first day (Thursday) of the Convention, you do not need a waiver. However, if your birthday is on or after the first day of the Convention (yes, even if it’s during the convention), you are required to submit a Guardian Waiver before you can volunteer.

Which Department needs the most help?

  • Everyone could use more Crew! Every Department has different needs. Check out the Departments & Descriptions page for information to help you choose which area you think will be the best fit for you.

Can I volunteer in two (2) different Departments?

  • We appreciate how excited you are to help! Unfortunately, volunteering in multiple Departments is way too much work for any one human, so we limit every person to just one Department. Besides, we want you to be able to enjoy the rest of the Convention, too!

I completed the Crew Form. Now what happens?

  • Your application will be processed and reviewed. You can expect your first email detailing your status in 1-2 weeks. If approved to join, necessary information will be shared with the Departments for review. Once chosen for a Department, a placement email will be sent out approximately 4-6 weeks after sign-up. If additional criteria must be met, another email may be sent; but will likely be covered in one of the emails mentioned above.

When will I know what Department I’m in?

  • Once your Crew Form is processed and reviewed, a placement email can be expected in 4- 6 weeks. Placement depends upon meeting set criteria for each Department, like interviews and training, as well as available positions.

Can I cosplay while volunteering?

Yes and no. That’s a really tricky question! Some Departments allow cosplay, while others do not. It really depends on each Director, the job you are tasked with, and the space which you are working in. Always ask your Director first to be sure!

Does AWA cover expenses, accommodations, or other expenses?

  • No. Everyone is responsible for planning and covering their own travel, food, accommodation, and other expenses. We do suggest taking advantage of our group rate at nearby hotels. Not only are they cheaper, but most of these hotels have shuttles to and from the main hotel.
  • Our Hospitality Services offer light meals and snacks throughout the weekend (beginning Friday) to Volunteers to help them survive the weekend, as well as a Hot Meal option where you can receive a hot dinner on Friday and Saturday, and a hot breakfast on Sunday. All for $5!

Something came up and I can no longer volunteer this year. What should I do?

  • If you are unable to volunteer for any reason, we ask that you notify us by the last Monday before the Convention by emailing Crew Resources at with the subject “Cancellation”. If you do not notify us before the above deadline, pending emergency circumstances, you may be unable to sign up in the future, be required to pay the volunteer deposit, and/or lose current crew privileges until returning to good standing.
  • This is a volunteer run organization and life happens. Please, please, please, notify someone if you can’t make it as soon as reasonably possible and ask that they notify the proper people. Even if it’s after con. All communications will be reviewed to determine course of action.

I want to volunteer, but I already bought my badge. What can I do?

  • All AWA membership badges are non-refundable, but you have options! You can transfer your badge to someone else or to the following year by emailing; or you can sign up as a walk-in volunteer. It’s always better to experience the convention at least once before volunteering, so just checking out and attending the con your first year can be extremely helpful and exciting.

Oh, no! I missed the deadline to complete the Crew Form! Is all hope lost?

  • Yes. Yes, it is. Just kidding! No! All hope is not lost! However, once online sign up ends, you can only join as a walk-in volunteer at the Convention. Inquire at Crew Resources.

How do I join as a walk-in volunteer?

  • First, you must purchase a 2-, 3-, or 4-day attendee badge and be at least 18 years old. Second, you must complete a walk-in form at Crew Resources and surrender your attendee badge – the attendee badge acts as your volunteer deposit. Third, receive your crew badge and head out to assist your assigned department.
  • Walk-in volunteering is available until 3:00p on Saturday of the Convention.

Do I get any perks as a walk-in volunteer?

  • Yes! No badge deposit for the next year you volunteer!
  • Admission to the Dead Dog Party!
  • Admission to the next Launch Party!
  • Full eligibility to all other Crew perks the next year you volunteer!