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Terms for Con-Goers

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General Info & Definitions

So you want to attend AWA eh? To start out, there are going to be a few terms you’re going to need to know! Brush up on your AWA lingo here!

Membership badge – When you purchase your admission to AWA, you’re actually purchasing a membership to the convention. We offer Full AWA memberships, 2-day memberships, and 1-day memberships. To show that you have purchased a membership, you will get a nifty badge to wear around while at the convention. To enter any of the rooms and the convention space (aside from in the Galleria where you can access Public Safety, Registration, Accessibility and Info Desk), you will need to display your membership badge. Please be courteous if a staffer asks to see it, they’re just doing their job!


Pre-Register/Pre-Registration – If you purchase your membership before the show, you’ve pre-registered! (pre + register; get it?) There will be a separate line for you when you come to AWA to pick up your membership badge. Just bring your ID, and a printed (or mobile) copy of your confirmation page, and you’re good to go!


Early Start  – This is the term we use for the mailing service you can optionally add on, when you pre-register for the show. For an extra $15, we’ll mail your badge to your house before the show – you don’t have to wait in line to pick it up, and we can get more people through the line quicker- it’s a win win! To add on Early Start, go through the Eventbrite process and add it on before you check out.


Crew – These are the people behind the scenes busting their butts to make a great con. Our crew is what other conventions call their staff or volunteers. Everyone who runs AWA is part of the Crew! If you ever need help, feel free to grab the closest person with the word “Crew” on their badge and they’ll be happy to help you out!

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Public Safety – They are the watchers. They keep the titans at bay. These are the guys guarding your back and making sure the con is safe for everyone and everything. If you have a problem, find a public safety crew member and tell them about it! If you don’t see them right away, you can always visit their office for help, located just across from Registration in the Renaissance hotel. These are also the people that will peace-bond your weapon (tag it with a special convention tag) to show that your prop is safe.

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Super Happy Fun Sell (SHFS) – One of the biggest events on Thursday, the SHFS is a swap-meet type event, where attendees can sell their used anime goods. Yes it has a silly name. Yes you should check it out. You will need a membership badge to participate in it.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and update this post to match!


SHFS Tables On Sale Now!

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The Super Happy Fun Sell (SHFS) is a yard sale-flea market-garage sale type event held at AWA on Thursday night at the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel. The purpose of the SHFS is to give AWA attendees a chance to clean out their closets and pass on previously-enjoyed anime and manga merchandise to other fans.

What can I sell at the SHFS?

  • The SHFS is for post-consumer, previously owned anime/manga items only. This means manga, video games, toys, DVDs, model kits, books, cels, comic books, VHS tapes, record albums, professional cosplay items & props, and other used anime and manga memorabilia. Adult material (doujinshi, etc) is allowed, but must be sealed and you must verify that anyone seeking to purchase it is 18 years old.

Is there anything I cannot sell at the SHFS?

  • SHFS is only for used items. That means prohibited items include: “new” merchandise, food items (candy, snacks, drinks, etc), homemade crafts or costume items, metal weapons, blades, or any other dangerous weapons.
  • If it violates AWA’s Weapons Policy, don’t bring it to SHFS.
  • No bootleg merchandise is allowed (pirate or home-burned CDs or DVDs, etc). All merchandise must be visible for inspection – no grab bags or mystery boxes are allowed.
  • If you want to sell original crafts or artwork, please check out the Artist Alley for an appropriate venue to sell your works, and if you are a dealer retailing new merchandise, please do so in the Dealer’s Room.
  •  It’s unfair to other vendors if you sell these items, and if you are caught with them at your table (or otherwise violating the spirit of SHFS), your membership will be revoked, and you will need to vacate your table.

Can I sell stuff in the room without a table?

  • The sale of items in the SuperHappyFunSell is restricted to registered SHFS tables. You must have a SHFS table to sell merchandise.

When does setup start?

  • You will need to be present at the Waverly at 4pm on Thursday with your merchandise, and confirmation email. Once you’ve been checked in, setup will run from 4pm to 5pm.
  • Please plan ahead to get your badge; consider pre-registering with our early start option, or coming to register at 2pm when registration opens. You will need a badge to setup your table.
  • You are welcome to invite friends to assist you with the setup and operation of your SHFS table, but they will also need their membership badges.
  • We will not hold your table past 5:30, so if you can’t be at the convention before then, please consider holding off on the SHFS for this year. No refunds will be given.

When will people be able to enter to begin purchasing their items?

  • At 5pm we will start letting the public in to actually buy things. You should be set up and ready to go. Remember, we will not hold your table past 5:30pm.

Anything else we should know?

  • AWA will not provide carts, hand trucks, change, tape, labels, pens, pencils or markers. AWA will NOT be providing electrical power connections OR any kind of Wi-Fi for this event. If you require an internet connection for credit card transactions, make arrangements with the Waverly or your wireless provider in advance.
  • Have fun at the SuperHappyFunSell and enjoy the rest of your AWA!

How do I register?

  • To reserve a SHFS table, you must be pre-registered for AWA as a single member or as part of a group, with a 3 day badge. SHFS tables are not available for dealers registrants.  If you are registering under any other badge type, please email us at
  • Click on the button below (or at the top of this page) and purchase your table through eventbrite.
  • Once you’ve registered for your SHFS table, you will get a confirmation email.  Please print the email out and have it with you for Thursday night set up.

Final Staff Meeting

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AWA is almost here, and we would love your help to make it the best convention possible! If you haven’t signed up to staff yet, the final meeting for staff is August 9th.

The meeting will be held at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel located at 2450 Galleria Parkway  Atlanta  Georgia  30339.

From 2pm to 3pm, we will be hosting a department fair, for new crew members and those crew members interested in finding a new department. Here you can meet all the departments looking for new crew members to join their family. This will take place in the Ansley Room.

From 3:15pm to 4pm, we will be hosting the general meeting. This will give everyone a thorough idea of what to expect during the weekend and will cover general tips about being a crew member. This part of the meeting will be held in the Habersham Room.

If you have any questions, please contact us at If you haven’t filled out a crew application, please do so before the meeting.

The VAT Updates!

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Announcing the Video Art Thunderdome!

The VAT has added a new event to its line up: The Video Art Thunderdome, completely new this year, is a music video editing event. During the convention teams of editors work to complete a Multi-Editor Project using footage provided and to a song selected from a limited list. The resulting videos compete on Sunday with you the audience being the final arbiter!

What is The Video Art Track?

More than just the home for anime music videos, The Video Art Track is the single largest event for fans and editors of amateur music videos, fan parodies and amazing and astounding original video art. Now in its 16th year, the Video Art track has always promoted remix culture and participatory fandom by supporting the creation and exhibition of fan works of art in video media.

This year, amongst nearly 80 hours of programming, the Video Art Track hosts several major events:

The Music Video Exposition (sometimes “The Exposition” or just “The Expo”) started in 1995 at the very first Anime Weekend Atlanta. Its goal has always been to exhibit as many videos as possible while awarding recognition to as many deserving videos as is practical. The Exposition is just that, an exposition and not a contest. Recognition is awarded, but there are no prizes.  Entries are judged by the Video Art Track Crew members, taking into account primarily artistic elements. Often new awards are created on the spot for innovative and creative entries.

The Professional Awards, much like the Academy Awards, is an opportunity for editors to recognize the outstanding work of their peers, and thus is a higher standard for those who wish to participate.   The categories are selected and prizes awarded by the very participants of the contest.

The Masters is hosted every two years and represents our highest standard for both artistic and technical music video production. The Masters is judged exclusively by The Video Art Track director. While the director may consult with anyone on matters artistic or technical, the final decision is theirs alone. The judging for the Masters Competition is blind, and the director’s only consideration is the finished submission.

To learn more, or enter your video, please visit The VAT’s page here:

Model Applications Now Open!

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Thank you for your interest in modeling in the 2015 Anime Weekend Atlanta galaxxxy Fashion Show!

Before submitting your application, here are a few things to know:

  • All completed applications are due no later than Monday August 31, 2015. There will be no exceptions.
  • You must purchase your own badge to the convention. If you are selected to model, in return for your participation, you will receive professional modeling photographs – 1 head shot and 1 full body shot, as well as a unique and unforgettable experience!
  • You must be available on: Friday, Sept. 25th from 7pm to 9pm for model fittings and on Saturday, Sept. 26th from 7am to 2pm for hair, makeup, dress rehearsal and the show itself. We cannot make accommodations for anyone who cannot come to the Friday fittings, so please do not apply if you cannot be on time and present the entire time.
  • Bring your own shoes to the model fittings and show day. We will give you details on what style of shoes to bring.
  • You will be required to provide your own food/snacks/drinks. Leaving the premises on show day is not permitted, so please plan accordingly.
  • If you apply and are selected to model for us, we expect you to act in a professional manner with our guests, staff, other models and attendees. You will be changing clothes in front of other models, so please wear appropriate undergarments (neutral or nude color is preferred, especially for show day).

Please email if you have questions or require assistance of any kind.

Apply Now

Submit Your Demo Now

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Submit Your Demo Now!

We are now accepting applications and demos to play the AWA Saturday Night Dance!

To apply, please submit the following via email:

  • Full name
  • Stage Name
  • Days/Night of Availability (the dance is on Saturday)
  • What equipment you use
  • Link to listen/download your demo

Demo Requirements

  • Minimum time of 20 minutes
  • No maximum time limit
  • The judging will focus on how you spin, not what music you use
  • Use the demo to showcase the range of your abilities
  • Anime/video game mixes are not required, but are helpful to have since this is an anime convention

Double check the email and demo requirements, and then send it off to Good luck and happy spinning!

Pre-Registration Pricing

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Due to the overwhelming amount of support for the show, we are allowing people to register at our reduced pricing until 11:59 PM tonight, June 1st. Get together with your friends to get 4 days of the most Japan has to offer in the Southeast for only 42 dollars each.

Register Now!


Hotel Update

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If you’re still looking for a hotel for AWA, there are still some rooms available at the following hotels:

We’ve also added a new sorting function that will allow you to sort the hotels on the page by distance or price. for the master list of hotels we have special rates with, as well as a map of all the hotels in the area!

Crew Applications are Open!

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AWA is now accepting applications to become part of Crew! Not only do you get to join a huge family of otaku who share your love and interest in anime, and get a back stage view of the show, volunteers get other great perks too!

Incentives for becoming a crew member include:

Hours worked are based on previous years. Hours worked this year qualify you for incentives and benefits for the following year.

  • 10 hours throughout the weekend / new volunteers = discounted crew badge
  • 12 hours throughout the weekend = free crew badge for following year
  • 13 hours/new volunteers = free crew t-shirt
  • Discount on Formal Ball Ticket
  • Dead Dog Party and New Year’s Kick off Party admission

To learn more about the requirements and how to apply, please visit our Crew page:

Learn More About Joining Our Crew!