Meet your favorite guest!

As AWA fast approaches so does the excitement of meeting your favorite band or voice actor, and believe us, they are excited to meet you too! Autographs are a great opportunity to do this but please keep in mind that every actor is different, and so are their policies for autographs. Please understand there might be restrictions on autographs, pictures, or other requests. A few guests do charge this year, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the policies of the guests you want to meet. We do our best to inform you of these policies but sometimes things change. Here are some good guidelines for Autographs and how to prepare:

  • Not every guest is comfortable with photographs. Please be considerate and ask crew if they are ok. If so, please have your camera ready. If not, be respectful and put it away.
  • Most guests only sign official merchandise. Official means licensed. Things like your body, pictures from artist alley, your favorite stuffed animal or plushie, or your dog are not acceptable items for signing. If you are told no, please be respectful.
  • Please keep in mind there are other people in line who want to meet the guest as much as you do. Keep conversations short and have your stuff ready so we can keep the line moving quickly.
  • Requests for sound recording, video recording, voice requests, and phone calls are not allowed unless explicitly stated.
  • When in doubt, ask crew. We are here to help and will be available throughout the autograph line and at the table. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our main goal at AWA is for you to have fun but we also want to be respectful to the guests and their time. A little understanding will go a long way and help ensure a good time is had by all.