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April 2020

COVID-19 Status Update – Hotel Block Open Date POSTPONED

By News Updates

We know the world has changed pretty drastically in the last few weeks, and we all have questions about the future. Our crystal ball just keeps saying “ask again later” and we are pretty sure Zoltan hasn’t washed his hands in a while so we don’t have answers yet either. We are hoping everyone will do their part to stomp the curve and help make it safe for us to gather in October.

We are still planning for AWA (and now we have a little extra time to put together some REALLY cool plans) to happen over Halloween weekend.

That said, we did plan to have hotel blocks open in April, but with many hotels doing their part to help by closing and sending staff home, we have to move the opening of the hotel blocks to June. If you received a notification via email, fb messenger, or in the AWA groups, you will receive an update via the same channel (in addition to the posts on FB/Twitter/IG) when we know what the new dates are. If you would like to be updated via email, we have put up a fresh form at to request an email update. We would also like to add that in the event we have to cancel or postpone due to COVID-19, all no-refund policies for hotel deposits will be waived.

We’ll get through this together. Keep your chin up, make time for self care, reach out to your friends and don’t feel bad about chopping down trees in Animal Crossing for those sweet sweet crafting materials and bells.