AWA 2017 Artist Alley Information & Application

Application Information and Portfolio Guidelines can be found here: Please read through this page before submitting your application.

Thank you for your interest in an Artist Alley table at AWA 2017! This form is an application for a table and is not the final contract. We will use the information you provide here to determine if you are accepted to the Artist Alley. We will accept applications from February 15th to May 1st and the portfolio review committee will select artists to offer the chance to purchase a table based on artist’s portfolios.

There is no advantage to applying right as the application opens – please take the time to ensure your portfolio is exactly what you would like to present. We strongly encourage all artists to take the time to thoroughly read the Portfolio guide and make sure the portfolio link you submit meets all the criteria and showcases your best work

The person filling out this form should be the one legally responsible for the table. They are the one who must sign the contract and the name on the application must match their legal ID, which we will ask for at the convention in order to claim your table. The primary applicant must be the one to pick up their packet, which is required to claim your table and start setting up and includes their convention badge. It must be picked up during load-in hours at the loading dock at the back of the dealer’s hall. They are the ONLY person who can pick up the table and are required to show ID. Table assistants, spouses, family members, etc. will NOT be able to pick up this packet or claim the artist alley table.

Once you have been accepted and we have your contract, we will send you information on submitting your payment. Tables cost $200 and include a 6-foot table, 2 chairs, and two Exhibitor badges. This fee must be paid within 10 days of being invoiced.

A table assistant is someone you trust to help you set up, man your table and sell your artwork while you are not there. The second badge included with your table is for such a person. If you would like to share your table with another artist, their portfolio must be part of the portfolio you link and their work must be labeled as such. You will not have an opportunity to request to share a table with another artist later.

Only those with exhibitors badges will be permitted in the hall during load in/out times. When you pay for your table, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional exhibitor’s badges at $50 per additional badge. You can also purchase extra exhibitor’s badges at the convention for $70 each. An exhibitors badge allows access to the rest of the convention in addition to the exhibitor hall access.

If you have any questions, please ask before submitting this application by emailing us at Thanks!