Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 26th-28th, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria

For Beautiful Convention Life

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a three-day Japanese Animation
and comics convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia.
Volunteer Requirements


A. Qualifications:

1. Must be 16 years of age at the time of the convention. Applicants that are 16-17 years of age will need to submit a Parent Consent Waiver prior to/by the convention in order to be allowed to staff.

2. Must be able to commit a minimum of 12 hours (3-4 hours each day) over the course of the convention, be a hard worker, & a team player. (Minimum hours and shifts may vary by department.)

3. Complete department training before the convention as determined by assigned department & HR/Staffing.

4. Be able to take orders from Directors and Administration.

5. Must be able to send, notify & receive communications with assigned department.

6. Have an up-to-date form of photo identification with Legal Name on it (i.e. Student ID, Driver's license, Military ID, Passport, etc)

B. Behavior & Badges:

1. Staffers must conduct themselves in a polite professional manner when being viewed as a representative of AWA prior to, during, or after the convention. This includes, but not limited to, working booths at the convention, forum posts, chat rooms, and all meetings. Staff must accept the responsibility that even if they are not acting in an official capacity for AWA, they may be perceived as a representative.

2.  Alcohol and illegal substances are not permitted in the convention rooms. Any staff member found with illegal substances will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Note: Convention hotel has a "No Tolerance" Policy.

3. Staff badges must display the staff member's real name and job title. Badge must be worn and visible above the waist at all times when working. The tampering, hiding, or covering of Staff badge and/or name on badge may result in disciplinary actions.

4. Staffers are responsible for their badges at all times. Staffers who lose their badge during the convention must immediately contact Security and report to the HR office to have a temporary badge issued. We encourage you, the staffer, to look for your badge, and return the temporary badge to HR once found. Staffers who are found misusing their staff badge, such as selling their badge or allowing another person to use it, will result in disciplinary actions and/or severe penalty for all those involved.

5. Staffers who abuse the authority of their badge will be reprimanded as stated in the Disciplinary Code outlined. (i.e. demand discounts of Dealers or special covention events, rude behavior/attitude towards attendees, Request badges for friends/attendees from Registration, etc.)

6. Staff with irreconcilable differences with fellow Staff, Supervisors, or Directors will be immediately moved to HR/Con Ops department.

7.  Staffers that have had their badges pulled by a Director/Administrator are officially removed from staffing the remainder of the convention. HR/Staffing will alert your department, and you will be then contacted by the HR/Staffing Director regarding your staff standings for future conventions. Refer to Disciplinary Actions for further details.

8. Staffers are prohibited from misusing the convention facilities, such as using the service elevators, storage unit, or back hallways without proper authorization and/or accompaniment of a Director or Administrator.

C. Dress Code & Props:

1. While there is no formal dress code for staff, we do ask that you refrain from wearing attire that may be considered offensive or that could detract from your work performance. If you plan on cosplaying, please contact your department director to make sure it's okay. Some departments may enforce their own dress code - refer to Assigned Department Handbook for details.

2. Staffers are not allowed to possess prop weapons, large props, or wear masks that cover the face during their shifts. These items detract from a staffers work, or are considered improper/rude when interacting with attendees in terms of customer service. 

3. When off-duty, staffers are free to dress according the Dress Code or Weapons Policy guidelines for all attendees.

4. Staffers that resign/have been removed from their positions are asked not to wear their staff shirts to future AWA events to prevent confusion or issues. Failure to do so could result in severe penalties. Refer to section G. Severe Penalties

5. Staffers are to abide by the set convention Dress Code and Weapons Policies for Anime Weekend Atlanta.

D. Reporting & Hours:

1. Staffers must stay in touch with their Department in whatever manner works best for both parties.

2. Staff will receive a detailed description of job responsibilities & duties prior to the convention in the Department Handbook.  Any tasks or jobs that are not described are considered off-task and must be approved by the proper department / authority before proceeding, such as moving tables or clearing rooms.

3. Any off-task work must be approved by a Department Director(s) or any Directors involved.

4. Staffers are responsible for keeping track of their hours with the time sheets provided to their department. Clock-in and -outs should be legible and must include the staffer's unique staff ID#.

5. Failure to keep track of hours will affect a staffer's benefits and status. Hours that are worked outside of clock-in/out sheets or not completely recorded (i.e. clocking in but not out) will not count towards benefits or status.

6. Staffers are encouraged to take periodic breaks during the convention - when they are not scheduled - to eat, sleep, bathe, and enjoy the convention.