Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 24th-27th, 2015 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria
Registration FAQ

I pre-registered at the show, how do I use the code I was given?

When you get to the website, you will see the following under Registration Information. Click “Enter promotional code” (circled in red below)


From there, you can enter the code on your pre-reg paper. A new option will appear for your pre-reg badge in the above box. Click the “0” under Quantity, and select 1. Then click register, and follow the prompts to receive your email confirmation.

I want to purchase my ball ticket/con shirt/early start now, and I pre-registered at the show. How do I do this?

Send an email to detailing what you want to purchase, and in what quantity. They will guide you through the process of getting these add ons.

Ball Ticket: $35.00

Early Start (get your badge mailed to you before the show): $15.00

T-shirt: $20.00

What is the difference between single and group registration?

Single registrations allow you to purchase badges for less than 10 people. With single registration, each person needs to bring their own photo ID and confirmation email and pick up ONLY their badge; Group registration is for 10 or more people ONLY, and allows a discount for bulk purchase of tickets. The group leader will need to pick up the tickets so make sure who ever is the group leader is prepared to get to the show early; or participates in Early Start. The group leader needs to bring his/her photo ID, and everyone’s confirmation email in order to pick up the group badges.

What does ‘first/second/third round’ registration mean?

This indicates the time/price you are paying for your badge(s). The prices are tiered, so the longer you wait, the more expensive the badge becomes. Here is the price structure for Pre-Registration

At Show Registration = $35

First Round Single= $44

First Round Group=$42

Second Round Single= $48

Second Round Group=$51

Third Round Single= $56

My child (who is under 13 years of age) wants to register. Is there a child option?

Since we cannot verify whether or not the child the badge is being purchased for is under 13, we do not allow the sale of children’s tickets online. However, they can be purchased at show for:

4 Day: $50

2 Day ( Fri + Sat OR Sat + Sun): $35

Friday only: $25

Saturday only: $30

Sunday only: $20

I don’t see my hotel. What do I put?

There is both a “home/friend/family” option, and an “other” button. Please select which ever applies to you.

What is Early Start?

Early Start is an optional add-on that allows you to get your badge mailed directly to your address for a small fee. Badges will be sent out about a week before the show, and will be sent certified mail. You will need to sign to signify that you received the package.


What will the convention T-shirt look like?

The convention T-shirt has not yet been decided. Once it has been, we will post an update on, as well as the official facebook and twitter.

I tried to add a shirt/ticket/early start to my purchase, where did it go?

After the green box that says that you have added X item to your purchase has disappeared, you can scroll to the top of the page to view your order summary and new total.


It says I need to purchase Early Start for everyone in my group if I want it; but the limit is only 5. What do I do?

In order to add more than 5 Early Start Badges to your order, select 5 from the drop down menu, and click add. Repeat until you have the proper number to match your group. Please make sure you have added the sufficient amount of Early Start badges to match the number in your group.

What happens if I purchase Early Start for everyone in my group?

All badges will be mailed certified mail (meaning a signature will be required to pick it up) to the group leader. Make sure it is someone you trust. Once the badges have been mailed and signed for, they are the group leader’s responsibility.


I want to add more than 5 ball tickets/t-shirts to my order.

In order to add more than the 5 tickets/t-shirts allowed in the system to your order, simply select the number you want and add it, until the order summary at the top of the page equals the number at the top. I.e. If you want to purchase 9 t-shirts, select 5 and add to your order, and then once that has been added, select 4 and add to your order. You will then be purchasing the 9 t-shirts.

What do I need to pick up my badge?

Once you have finished registering, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Save this email somewhere safe in your inbox, and print a copy. To pick up your badge, bring the print out and a photo ID to the show, starting Thursday at 2pm. Registration times throughout the weekend are listed on your confirmation.