What is the Video Art Track?

More than just the home for anime music videos, The Video Art Track is the single largest event for fans and editors of amateur music videos, fan parodies and amazing and astounding original video art. Now in its 18th year, the Video Art track has always promoted remix culture and participatory fandom by supporting the creation and exhibition of fan works of art in video media.

This year, amongst nearly 80 hours of programming, the Video Art Track hosts the following major events, each seeking projects from our esteemed editors:

The Music Video Exposition

The Music Video Exposition (sometimes “The Exposition” or just “The Expo”) started in 1995 at the very first Anime Weekend Atlanta. Its goal has always been to exhibit as many videos as possible while awarding recognition to as many deserving videos as is practical. The Exposition is just that, an exposition and not a contest. Recognition is awarded, but there are no prizes. Entries are judged by the crew of Anime Weekend Atlanta and the Video Art Track, taking into account primarily artistic elements. Often new awards are created on the spot for innovative and creative entries.

The Professional Awards

The Professional Awards, much like the Academy Awards, is an opportunity for editors to recognize the outstanding work of their peers, and thus is a higher standard for those who wish to participate. Recognition, in the form of beautiful glass trophies, is awarded by the participants of the contest.

The Masters

The Masters is a biennial event and represents our highest standard for both artistic and technical music video production. Each year’s entries represent the pinnacle of fan music videos. There is only one award, the coveted Green Jacket. In addition, this year will be the last year this event is judged by the founder of The Video Art Track, Daric “Jingoro” Jackson.

The Video Art Thunderdome

The Video Art Thunderdome, returning for its second year, is a music video editing event at Anime Weekend Atlanta. During the convention teams of editors work to complete a Multi-Editor Project using footage provided and to a song selected from a limited list. The resulting videos compete on Sunday with you the audience being the final arbiter! Click here for more info.

The Video Art Dance

The Video Art Dance, an AWA tradition is a three hour dance event featuring anime music videos set to both contemporary and classic dance tracks, as well as 3 professional DJs. The Video Art Track encourages all editors to consider submitting suitable projects to any VAT event, directly to the VAT Dance.

F-Bombs for Charity

F-Bombs for Charity is returning. For the nominal cost of $1 per swear word music video editors are encouraged to submit videos as nasty as they want them to be. This will be a carded, adults-only event, and you must be 18 years of age or older to attend. Your swear jar fines will be collected and donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to support their work that ensures our rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.

The Celebrity Roast

The Celebrity Roast will return for the last time in 2017. Come watch editors completely destroy the ego of one of their own with devastating insults and inside jokes only they understand.