Idols have become a widespread hobby among anime, K-pop, and Japanese culture fans increasingly in the past few years all across the world. Anime Weekend Atlanta brings you an out of this world event to showcase many talented idols and dancers from Atlanta and beyond! Let’s enjoy idols and continue to help inspire and grow as dancers, singers, and Japanese culture enthusiast in this galaxy and the next!

We are the AKB Cuties, a group of AKB0048 cosplayers who also like to do dance covers! As the name suggests, we mostly do dances from AKB48 but we also cover other J-Pop songs as well as K-Pop. Our members hail from North and South Carolina and our official color is pink. There are currently 10 active members in our group; we have comprised a sub-unit of five members (named Team Sherbet) to dance for you at AWA 🙂

Glass Heart is the idol project of singer and composer Raegan Quinn. With original music, covers from your favorite anime & video games, audience games, and prizes at her shows, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this “Silly & Sweet Princess Petite”. Be sure to bring your pink glow sticks! ❤

Sunset→Dash is a idol group established since September of 2016. They are located mostly out of the Middle TN area but want to expand to all regions. They have a passion for idols, especially Love Live, and dancing! We want to bring smiles and idols to everyone!

Anime Weekend Atlanta’s Kuma Kuma Maid Cafe presents the amazing entertainment maids to dance some moe moe kyun into your heart! Enjoy a preview of some of the dances that will be performed at the cafe on Saturday! We hope you all enjoy, Goshujinsama! Ojousama!

Onee-san is a solo performer from Florida who has a love for the darker and more mystical things in life. A long time idol fan, she decided to take up the torch and spread the magic of music herself, covering some of her favorite songs. Onee-san strives to inspire fierce passion in others through the songs that make your spine tingle and your heart pound. So come join your Big Sister under the twinkling lights of the AWA stage and experience the mysterious power of music together.”

Midori Shuffle is a new blossoming dance group filled with all your favorite flowers! We are mainly based out of Greenville, South Carolina and have 6 members total! We cover a variety of Jpop, Kpop, and Ani-song dances. Our group image color is Green but please feel free to change your glow sticks to our individual member image colors! We really hope you enjoy our debut performance and continue to support us!

BLAXXOUT is a premiere idol group affiliated with the upcoming web series “Monochrome Prince”. Each of the seven performers represents a different character, and they’ll be working hard together to spread the love of music and performance to everyone!

Milky Kitty is a odottemita cosplaying idols or for short “The CosIdol You Can Meet!” After discovering idols in 2008, she wanted to find a way to combine her passion for idols, odottemita and cosplaying. After years of prepration, research, practice, and guidance from her lable Kira Kira Entertainment, this texas native is ready to bring a slice of texas idol and cosplay culture to you! Milky Kitty also runs the idol festival “Texas Idol Festival” and helps bring idol culture to Texas! Please support her journey into the unknown! ♡

Danzoo→Dash is an Atlanta based animal themed dance group with a love of odottemita and idols. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of dancers, idol fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts while having fun with our own passions! Consisting of 9 members, come mix your heart out at our energetic performance watch us grow! We’re looking forward to meeting all of our zookeepers!

Meet Yumemi Hayley, the energetic a-pop dempa girl who wants to be a singer! Hayley has performed at multiple venues in Japan and is obsessed with Akibakei and idol culture.