What is the Artist Alley?

  • The Artist Alley is where you can find handmade and original works from artists of all kinds! You can find it all here, from fan art to custom jewelry, there is no craft too big or drawing too small for the elite and incredible artists of AWA!

What makes the Artist Alley different from the Dealer’s Room?

  • Lots of things! Much of the works found here are one of a kind. Some artists may also do commissions, meaning you can pay for an artist to draw exactly what you want in their style. In the alley, you can find some of Atlanta, and even the US’s best artists.

Where is the Artists Alley?

  • When you head into the Cobb Galleria Centre, you can find the Artists Alley in Exhibit Hall C.

If you are an artist and looking for a refresher on our policies, please see this pageĀ http://awa-con.com/registration/artists/