Welcome to our Crew!

Anime Weekend Atlanta is the largest fan run convention in the southeast – people just like you make the show happen year after year and we couldn’t be more grateful!

In addition to all of the great perks such as badges, t-shirts, and discounts, you can join a huge family of otaku and contribute to creating a wonderful experience for attendees and guests alike.

What is expected of AWA Crew?

  • Crew members are required to work a minimum of 14 hours throughout the 4 day weekend. That’s just 3.5 hours a day!
  • Each department has different goals and requirements you will need to meet to be a successful part of their department. Once you have turned in your application, come to a crew meeting, chat with the directors and veteran crew members and find out what your specific job will be.

Is there an age requirement?

  • You must be at least 16 years old at the start of AWA to become part of the AWA crew. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a Parental Consent Form on file with us before the convention to remain on crew.
  • Some departments, such as Public Safety and those that deal with adult content may have higher age restrictions.

New Crew Members

  • First year Crew members are required to pay a refundable $20 deposit before the convention (cash only) before you receive your crew badge. Once you’ve completed 14 hours, you will receive this money back. If you are unable to make the deposit, please contact your director.

Does AWA cover expenses, accommodations or other expenses?

  • You will be responsible for covering any travel/accommodation expenses you require. We do suggest you take advantage of our group rate if you need hotel accommodations, not only are they cheaper, but all of these hotels will have shuttles to and from the main convention site (Renaissance Waverly Hotel).

Crew Dates

Please attend at least one crew meeting, so you will be prepared to volunteer! Meetings are held on Sundays, and orientation/interviews are conducted starting at 2pm. Meetings for returning volunteers start at 3pm.

  • TBA

Incentives and Benefits

Hours worked are based on previous years. Hours worked this year qualify you for incentives and benefits for the following year.

  • 14 hours throughout the weekend = waived deposit for next year, Dead Dog Party and New Year’s Kick off Party admission
  • 16 hours = free crew t-shirt

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