America is looking for the best cosplayer and best singer to compete in the AkibaCup held in Akihabara Japan!

The AkibaCup is an international competition for cosplayers and singers held in Japan. The North American qualifiers will be held right here in Atlanta at this year’s AWA!

The two attendees that win at the show will be flown to Japan and have their hotel and food covered to participate in the final competitions!

There are TWO ways to enter.

The first is by entering a new special category of our costume contest! Submit the AkibaCup application for the qualifiers when turning in your contest application. You will be required to say one sentence in Japanese enthusiastically and with emphasis while on stage. You will still be able to compete for awards from AWA too!

Judgement for this new category will be based on costume craftsmanship as well your abilities of being expressive and speaking Japanese.

The second is by participating in a karaoke competition. You will need to fill out the AkibaCup application and attend one of 6 preliminary rounds in order to enter the final round held on Sunday. You must be able to be present for this final round. You will have to choose a song from anime from their karaoke machine, and sing it in Japanese.

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AkibaCup is a worldwide competition of karaoke and cosplay organized by the NPOJAPAN Manga & Anime Tokiwasou Forum, with the help of Associazione Ochacaffè and the endorsement of the music group K-ble Jungle.