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AkibaCup Qualifiers Held at AWA!

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America is looking for the best cosplayer and best singer to compete in the AkibaCup held in Akihabara Japan! The AkibaCup is an international competition for cosplayers and singers held...

Photographers Wanted!

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AWA wants YOU! Attention photographers! Are you planning on bringing your entire camera bag to AWA and trying to capture every last second of the weekend? Why not optimize your...

Terms for Con-Goers

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General Info & Definitions So you want to attend AWA eh? To start out, there are going to be a few terms you're going to need to know! Brush up...

SHFS Tables On Sale Now!

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Register for SHFS The Super Happy Fun Sell (SHFS) is a yard sale-flea market-garage sale type event held at AWA on Thursday night at the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance...

Pre-Registration Information

You can purchase your membership to AWA online before 8/30! 

Single memberships:


per person

Group memberships (10+):


per person

Walk-In Registration Information

You can purchase memberships when you get to the convention as well! 

Adult memberships (ages 12+)
Full AWA membership: $65

2 Day membership: $50
Friday Only membership: $40
Saturday Only Membership: $45
Sunday Only Membership: $35

Child Memberships (ages 6-11)
Full AWA membership: $50
2 Day membership: $35
Friday Only membership: $25
Saturday Only membership: $30
Sunday Only membership: $20

Thursday (9/24) Hours

  • Registration: 2pm – 11pm
  • SHFS: 5pm – 10pm
  • Events: TBA
  • Video Rooms: TBA
  • Video Gaming: TBA

Friday (9/25) Hours

  • Registration: 9am – 11pm
  • Artist Alley: 12pm – 8pm
  • Dealer’s Room: 12pm – 7pm
  • Events: 24 hours
  • Video Gaming: 10am – 2am
  • Video Art Track: 24 hours
  • Analog Gaming: 10am – 2am

Saturday (9/26) Hours

  • Registration: 9am – 11pm
  • Artist Alley: 10am – 8pm
  • Dealer’s Room: 10am – 7pm
  • Events: 24 hours
  • Video Gaming: 10am – 2am
  • Video Art Track: 24 hours
  • Analog Gaming: 10am – 2am

Sunday (9/27) Hours

  • Registration: 10am – 5pm
  • Artist Alley: 10am – 4pm
  • Dealer’s Room: 10am – 5pm
  • Events: TBA
  • Video Gaming: 10am – 5pm
  • Video Art Track: ends at 5pm
  • Analog Gaming: 10am – 5pm


Artist Alley

Choose from thousands of original and handmade works!

Analog Gaming

Choose from a variety of table top games and tournaments!

Cosplay Events

Check out cool cosplays or show off your own!

Dealer’s Room

Licensed and official art from your favorite anime, manga and more!

Fan Panels and Events

Share your passion and knowledge with the attendees of AWA

Imperial Maid Cafe

Snacks and games with the cute maids of AWA.

Manga Library

Kick back and relax with the latest titles and the largest collection of manga at AWA!

Special Events

Formal ball, Saturday Night Dance, Fashion Events, and other extraordinary features of AWA.


Strut your stuff as a model, designer, or make-up artist at the AWA Fashion Show. This is the place to see the latest J-Fashions!

Video Gaming

Compete with your friends on the latest consoles and play the newest games!

The Video Art Track

Video editors unite! The Video Art Track is where you can find the best of the best of video art.

Video Rooms

We have everything from premiers to classic anime. Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the con? Check us out here!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Email us!