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AWA 2016 Guest Round Up 1

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Announced guests for AWA 2016 include: Todd Haberkorn, Johnny Yong Bosch, Eyeshine, Vic Mignogna, Sandy Fox and Lex Lang. Read more about them here! In the world of anime, Todd...

Video Art Track Deadlines & More!

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What is The VAT? More than just the home for anime music videos, the Video Art Track is the single largest event for fans and editors of amateur music videos,...


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See Anime come to life with FantAWAsia! Hear the Georgia Philharmonic, a live symphony orchestra, present a panorama of music perfect for your favorite Anime. Selections include Jupiter by Gustav...


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Don't get lost! Find your way around AWA with our maps of the Renaissance Waverly and Cobb Galleria!



Artist Alley

Choose from thousands of original and handmade works!


Choose from a variety of table top games and tournaments!

Cosplay Events

Check out cool cosplays or show off your own!

Dealer’s Room

Licensed and official art from your favorite anime, manga and more!

Fan Panels and Events

Share your passion and knowledge with the attendees of AWA

Imperial Maid Cafe

Snacks and games with the cute maids of AWA.

Manga Library

Kick back and relax with the latest titles and the largest collection of manga at AWA!

Special Events

Formal ball, Saturday Night Dance, Fashion Events, and other extraordinary features of AWA.


Strut your stuff as a model, designer, or make-up artist at the AWA Fashion Show. This is the place to see the latest J-Fashions!

Video Gaming

Compete with your friends on the latest consoles and play the newest games!

The Video Art Track

Video editors unite! The Video Art Track is where you can find the best of the best of video art.

Video Rooms

We have everything from premiers to classic anime. Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the con? Check us out here!

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